My Lip Gloss is Popping

In the summer I like my lips to have a nice glossy finish. Don’t get me wrong, this girl loves her matte lips, but in the summer time gloss just suits me better. My go to glosses this summer have to be the Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Lip Gloss set. For only $28 (yes, 28 dollars!), you get 6 mini lip glosses. These mini glosses have .07 oz of product each. A full size gloss is $16 and has .16 oz of product. I have never tried any Anastasia lip products before this and wow am I impressed.  Lip products are my personal favorite type of makeup. You can never have too many! So if you want to dip your toes into some high-end lip glosses, I highly suggest these.

Each gloss smells like vanilla, my favorite scent! These lip glosses are opaque and have tons of pigment that leave a glossy shine. I love that they are full coverage because it means that is all I need to throw in my purse for the day, no liner or any extras! Of course if you want you can wear a lipstick under it, totally up to you! The best part is that each of the glosses that come in this kit are new!

St. Tropez – Iridescent rose gold {my favorite}
Tango – Crushed berry
Blushing – Soft pink
Grape Jelly – Vivid blue purple
Toffee – Light warm brown
Caramel – Soft, pink-y brown {also a favorite}

     I love the applicator. I prefer this flat sponge applicator opposed to the brush applicators. It makes for a flawless application! You can outline your lips perfectly. When looking at the swatches I have posted, keep in mind that products look different on every person depending on their skin tone!

Going from the top down: Toffee, Tango, Blushing, St. Tropez, Caramel, Grape Jelly.

with a flash


in natural light

You can buy this lip gloss set here!

Let me know what your favorite gloss is in the comments below. Mine is definitely a tie between St. Tropez and Caramel! Also tell me if you are going to cave like I did and purchase this awesome lip gloss set!


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