Hello everyone. My name is Quinn Kantner. I am 20 years old. I am a lover of fashion, beauty, and animals. I am at the end of my sophomore year of college and will be majoring in Early Childhood Education and specializing as an Intervention Specialist with my 4/5 Endorsement as well. I am also an aspiring blogger! I am from good ol’ OH-IO! I come from a little town but have a big heart for fashion.

I love love love to shop (who doesn’t?!). With this being said, I am not made of money. In my blog you will see a mix high end items with some not so high end items (I’ll admit it, I have made some pretty great finds at Goodwill). I want to be able to express myself through this blog with my posts. This blog will be a mix of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle! If I am purchasing a nice item, I do my best to find it not at full price. Want some tips on how to do this as well? Then stick around and sign up for emails to be updated on my new posts 🙂

I do not have a schedule for blog posts, I will post whenever I can! I am a busy college girl juggling class, student teaching, cheer, family, work, and a social life!

Dont forget to check out my instagrams! Blog insta: @quinnsquirks Personal: @quinnstevie


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