Back To School Outfits

Happy August and TGIF!

Lots of mixed feelings are brought up this time of the month because of school coming back into session. In high school you kind of dread it, while in college you start a countdown the week after you leave in excitement for move in to come around again. The least of your worries with all the stress you have should be picking out an outfit, but hey it’s still important. To make it easier on you here are some of my favorite outfits that I will definitely be wearing when I head back to school in 3 weeks!

My style changes on a daily basis. As an education major, I have to spend time in the classroom and dress nicer. Outfit one is perfect for that! It also would be great if your school has a dress code! I love outfit two because it is so casual & can be worn on an everyday basis! I am really into the trend of t-shirts with fun sayings on them, I have a ton! They are great to throw on with any pair of shorts or pants! Outfit three is perfect for a day when you are trying to look a little nicer but still feel comfortable. Distressed high-rise denim paired with a camo button up! It looks great with sandals but would look awesome with converse, booties, or slip-ons too!

Preppy Style


I included this picture to show you my new rose gold iPad & Beats! I am OBSESSED. I just invested in them for this school year since I will be commuting & I have an old giant laptop. Debating if I should do a post on them, thoughts?!

Striped Shirt. Similar Cardigan. Jeans. Belt. Pearl Necklace. Earrings. Watch. Ring. Similar Shoes. Purse. Sunglasses (Ray Ban dupes). Liquid Lipstick.

Quirky saying T-shirts

T-shirt (from American Eagle last season). Jeans. Similar Bag. Watch. Bracelets. Earrings. Sunglasses (Ray Ban dupes). Similar Slip-ons. Liquid Lipstick.

Relaxed + Cute

Button-up. Distressed Jeans. Similar Double Buckle Belt. Sandals. Similar book bag. Sunglasses (Ray Ban dupe). Watch {for less}. Bracelets. Necklace. Earrings. Liquid Lipstick.

When is your first day back at school? If you’re in college, when do you move in?! Let me know in the comments 🙂

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Monthly Favorites: July!


Ralph Lauren tote bag {shop similar here}. So my dream bag is a Louis Vuitton Neverfull however, these bags are outrageously expensive! The bag I linked looks so similar to a LV bag! So while I was with my aunt, Erika, she actually gave me this bag! It is the same size as a Neverfull bag and so much cheaper (especially for me as a hammy-down 😉 )! I use it when I need a larger bag, like when I go to work! It fits my iPad, agenda, magazines, book, and more! It really is perfect!

V-necks {shop 1, 2, 3} My 2 favorite places to get simple basic tees from are American Eagle & TJ Maxx. I love AE’s because they have the soft & sexy line and they are so extremely comfortable. I love the ones from TJ Maxx because they are very affordable and there are so many choices.

High waist shorts {shop here and here} I prefer high-rise bottoms opposed to the low-rise. They are so much more comfortable to me and I find them more flattering for my body shape. I have very long legs & not much of a butt so I think they are perfect. I love that I can wear them with any type of shirt! I only wear cropped shirts when I have on high-rise pants or shorts so it is ideal!


Becca + Jaclyn Hill Face Palette Limited Edition {shop here}. I use this every single day! I was a little unsure about purchasing it since I already have the Cheek-A-Thon Palette from Benefit but the 2 highlighters in this are to die for! I am so happy I was able to snag it before it sold out! I usually debate whether I need it or not for too long and then they sell out.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in St. Tropez {shop here} {read my post about it}. This gloss is absolutely beautiful. It is very pigmented so it is all you need! It feels so good and rehydrating on my lips and looks amazing! This color would look good on ANY skin tone!

Bath & Body Works Pretty as a Peach Body Splash {shop here}. This smells sooo good! I don’t feel like putting on a heavy perfume everyday, especially in the summer, so this is perfect! I have been using it like crazy.

Lush Lip Service {shop here}. I suffer from dry lips, especially from wearing so many lip products! I do not usually wear this during the day. Every night after I use my Lip Scrub I use this lip balm. It is so moisturizing and really makes your lips feel refreshed when you wake up in the morning!

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon Palette {shop here}. I got this palette last month and I really started using it in July. I love the selection of colors and the pinks! Pink is my favorite color so I wear it a lot and it is great to have an eye shadow palette that I can create several looks to go with it!


Store: TJ Maxx This store is seriously amazing! It is always the first store I go to when I need something because I am sure to find it there at a great price. They have everything from clothes, purses, makeup, home decor, and more. They carry so many different brands including some name brands, at a much lower price! I get so many of my things here, I am in love.

Book: Looking for Alaska {shop here}. I kind of lacked on reading books in July and only read one. This book had a great ending but it took me 100 pages to actually get into the book. But once I got into it I was hooked and couldn’t put it down! I loved it and I am really hoping they turn it into a movie.

Peony Petals Candle {shop here}. I love this candle, it is such a sweet and floral scent. Candles are awesome and so relaxing and they are so much better when they are a great scent! Don’t buy from the site though, they are seriously SO much cheaper at TJ Maxx!! I got mine for $2.99!

Songs: Perfect Strangers {listen here}, Send My Love {listen here}, Come on Eileen {listen here}

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Kylie Cosmetics Review + Tips on getting them before they’re gone!

As many other people, I am totally into the Kylie Cosmetics line. I have been trying out 3 lip kits for over a month now and it is safe to say that I am in love. They are absolutely phenomenal. The lip liner is so creamy and really is a good starting point. The liquid lipstick smells like vanilla cupcakes and glides on so easily! You have to be careful though, it dries quick so if you make a mistake you have to fix it ASAP! The nice thing about the liquid lipsticks are that they are so pigmented that you don’t even have to apply liner first, but I do! Yes the lip kits are $29 but you have to keep in mind that you are receiving a liquid lipstick and a lip liner! Again, keep in mind that products will differ slightly on people according to their skin tone. I am super fair so how they look on me may be different for someone with olive toned skin!

The lip kits I originally purchased are Posie K, Candy K, and Koko K.  I decided I was going to purchase more after trying some out. Once she said she was releasing new colors, I knew I needed them! When the Kristen & Maliboo Lip Kits released for the first time, I was able to snag them before they sold out in 8 minutes!!! I also picked up the Koko gloss because the matte version is my favorite.

She has several colors I am dying to try like Mary Jo K, Exposed, Ginger (brand new), and more! As I am typing this post (Monday July 25) she just announced that she would be releasing a bronze eye shadow collection. Are you going to purchase it?

Posie K {Shop here}

Image result for posie k

Candy K {Shop here}

Image result for Kylie Jenner K Candy Lip Kit

Koko K {Shop here}

Kristen {Shop here}

Maliboo {Shop here}

Koko Gloss {Shop here}

Tips For Buying Them Before They’re Gone

If you have been trying to snag some of the lip kits but have been unsuccessful, I have a few tips for you to try! Both times that I went on the site, I was able to purchase the ones I had my eyes on before they sold out.

  1. After you get on the page, do not keep refreshing! Everyone is on the site at the same time so it is going to be slow. If you select a product and refresh, you may lose it!
  2. Have your credit card information already filled in. On an iPhone you are able to fill in your credit card information in settings so you do not need to rush to type it in. This was a crucial step that made buying the products easy for me!
  3. Have a game plan. Do not get onto the site right when they release and expect to be able to browse through the kits to decide on one. You really need to decide before they are released to guarantee you will get your item. They literally sell out in minutes! (More people have gotten their hands on them so the older kits do not sell out as fast now).
  4. Follow the Instagram. When I want to purchase a new product I make sure to check out the official Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page to check for restock dates. If you do not see them on that page, there are plenty of pages dedicated to telling the release dates. All you have to do is  type “Kylie Cosmetics Restock Date” that in the search bar! Don’t forget that the release dates are set to California time, so see what time that is in your time zone. (Mine is 3 hours behind, so when they restock at 3 pm in Cali, they don’t restock until 6 pm in Ohio).

Have any additional tips or questions? Make sure to let me know in the comments down below!

Also let me know if you want to see any swatches or to see the products on me! 🙂

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Closet Staple: Floral!

I am back with another one of my closet staples, floral! Floral is awesome because you can do so many things with it! It comes in so many different colors and styles that there really is no way to go wrong. If you like to go crazy you can find pieces that have intense designs with lots of colors or you can stay simple and find a pattern with fewer flowers and colors.

I love styling my floral by wearing simple top/bottoms and a designed piece like I did in outfit 1 and 2. Another way I style floral is by wearing it as the statement in either a dress or romper. My favorite outfit that I put together has to be outfit 1. I love the white jeans with the sheer top. It has just enough color to really make it pop. I am dying over the fact that it was found at Goodwill (it’s actually my mom’s top!). I am not kidding when I say a ton of my clothe are from Goodwill. If you have the patience, I highly suggest you stop by a local one and see what kind of treasures you can dig up! My mom & I are super thrifty and always looking for a good deal!

{If you want some additional ways to style stripes make sure to head over to my polyvore account!}

Outfit 1

Shop my outfit: Top (found at Goodwill, brand is Pendleton). Similar Top. Jeans. Leopard Belt. Similar Sandals. Bracelets. Cuff (with purple stone). Ring. Similar Necklace. Similar Earrings. Nail Polish.

Outfit 2

Shop my outfit: Tank. Skirt. Wedges. Bracelets. Cuff (with purple stone). Ring. Similar Earrings. Similar Necklace. Sunglasses (Ray Ban dupes). Nail Polish.

Outfit 3

My dogs had just gotten groomed so I had to include them in some pictures! The picture above is of Bella, she is my baby and she is a Maltipom. The picture below is of our family dog, Buddy, he is a Bichon Frise.

Shop my outfit: Similar Romper 1 & Similar Romper 2 (mine is from TJ Maxx). Similar Necklace. Cuff (with purple stone). Bracelets. Similar Earrings. Ring. Sunglasses (Ray Ban dupe). Nail Polish. Similar Sandals (mine are Rue 21).

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I made the switch!

I officially have the domain for! I am no longer It is so much easier to just have your own domain and not have to add wordpress after! Plus it looks very professional. I also got a new header, finally! I am really working on building my site and improving it. This is something that I truly enjoy and hope that I can continue to do. My scheduled blog posts are every Monday & Friday at 10 am. I post quite often on both my personal instagram and my instagram for Quinn’s Quirks as well as my polyvore account and pinterest. I would really appreciate it if you could follow my blog so you get an email whenever I post! Thanks everyone! ❤