Back To School Outfits

Happy August and TGIF!

Lots of mixed feelings are brought up this time of the month because of school coming back into session. In high school you kind of dread it, while in college you start a countdown the week after you leave in excitement for move in to come around again. The least of your worries with all the stress you have should be picking out an outfit, but hey it’s still important. To make it easier on you here are some of my favorite outfits that I will definitely be wearing when I head back to school in 3 weeks!

My style changes on a daily basis. As an education major, I have to spend time in the classroom and dress nicer. Outfit one is perfect for that! It also would be great if your school has a dress code! I love outfit two because it is so casual & can be worn on an everyday basis! I am really into the trend of t-shirts with fun sayings on them, I have a ton! They are great to throw on with any pair of shorts or pants! Outfit three is perfect for a day when you are trying to look a little nicer but still feel comfortable. Distressed high-rise denim paired with a camo button up! It looks great with sandals but would look awesome with converse, booties, or slip-ons too!

Preppy Style


I included this picture to show you my new rose gold iPad & Beats! I am OBSESSED. I just invested in them for this school year since I will be commuting & I have an old giant laptop. Debating if I should do a post on them, thoughts?!

Striped Shirt. Similar Cardigan. Jeans. Belt. Pearl Necklace. Earrings. Watch. Ring. Similar Shoes. Purse. Sunglasses (Ray Ban dupes). Liquid Lipstick.

Quirky saying T-shirts

T-shirt (from American Eagle last season). Jeans. Similar Bag. Watch. Bracelets. Earrings. Sunglasses (Ray Ban dupes). Similar Slip-ons. Liquid Lipstick.

Relaxed + Cute

Button-up. Distressed Jeans. Similar Double Buckle Belt. Sandals. Similar book bag. Sunglasses (Ray Ban dupe). Watch {for less}. Bracelets. Necklace. Earrings. Liquid Lipstick.

When is your first day back at school? If you’re in college, when do you move in?! Let me know in the comments 🙂

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Closet Staple: Stripes!

One of my favorite fashion pieces to style are stripes! They are so timeless and stylish. You can do an unlimited amount of things with them. I have an excessive amount of clothing items with stripes, mostly black and white. There is really no limit to what you can do with them and how many different types of clothing to have!

Whenever I do not know what to wear I always go to one of my striped shirts. Horizontal stripes are especially nice because they are so flattering! You can style them with so many different accessories. Stripes look great how they are so you can just add a simple necklace or you can go all out with additional statement pieces and pops of color! You can either dress it up or down. There’s nothing better than a versatile piece. They are such a staple to have in your closet.


Shop my outfit: Striped Bell-Sleeve Shirt. Similar top. EarringsMonogram Necklace was gifted to me, find a similar here!

If it’s chilly out or you just want to add a little something, you can never go wrong with a jean jacket!

Shop my outfit: Similar Dress (& cheaper!). Jean Jacket. Similar Sandals. Bracelets. Similar Watch (mine is MK5172). Earrings. Monogram Necklace was gifted to me, find a similar here!


Shop my outfit: Similar Top. Shorts. Bracelets. Check out my post which is where this image is featured, here!

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Treat Yo’ Self

There’s nothing like a day of treating yourself. Whether it be a day where you go out with some of your girl friends or just staying in. I have some tips for doing both!

Shop my outfit: Top. Bottoms. Purse. Bracelets. Similar Watch (mine is from TJ Maxx).

When I stay in there are a few things that I love doing for myself. You can either spend the day by yourself or you can invite over your friends. The most obvious thing you need in order to treat yourself are treats! If you like to indulge, go out and get some Ben & Jerry’s. If you prefer to eat something that will make you feel good inside, eat some watermelon or strawberries!

The next thing on my list are masks. I am very into sheet masks right now. You can buy them almost anywhere, but my favorite are from Sephora. You can find them here! They look insane on but they are so amazing! You only have to wear them for 15 minutes and when you take them off you don’t even have to rinse your face. While I am wearing it I will read a book (I am currently reading Looking for Alaska) or catch up on some YouTube videos. There are sheet masks for your face, hands, lips, etc,. I love the sheet masks for your lips (here)! They are sold out online right now but I am able to find them in stores. They are so hydrating and feel spectacular after wearing heavy lip products.

Another way to pamper yourself is with mani/pedis. You can go out and get one or you can do them yourself (which I recommend). If you can do it yourself or have a friend do it, there’s no reason to spend money. There are so many videos on YouTube with awesome ideas and don’t forget about Pinterest (my nail board)! Here are some of my favorite videos for painting your nails (1, 2, 3,). Make sure to check out all of the videos by Cute Polish.

If you are sick of being home and just need to get out of the house, there are plenty of things to do! A personal favorite of mine is retail therapy AKA shopping! So I love to plan a day to go out and shop til I drop. This requires a full day for me since I have to travel for any stores! However, this is not something that I can do that often. So there are several other options that aren’t as expensive.

Movies! You can find a movie at a theater in every town. My favorite types of movies are comedies! I am really looking forward to seeing Bad Moms and The Secret Life of Pets. If you are spending a day with your girls, romance movies are always a top pick. There is no popcorn as good as movie popcorn! So grab some there or sneak in some snacks in your big bag, that’s what I do. 😉 This is be super cheap if you only buy your tickets at the movie, but if you feel like splurging- buy that large popcorn & drink girl!

Go on a coffee date! Whether it is Starbucks or your towns local coffee shop. (My favorite Starbucks drink is the Java Chip Frappuccino [diy here] & my favorite local drink is a frozen hot chocolate with a pump of marshmallow). You can go with a friend and catch up or you can take your laptop to work on things or a good book to read. It is a nice relaxing thing to do that only costs around $5. Totally worth it!

Exercise. I know a lot of people, me included, would not consider this as a ‘treat’ but it can be! Now you can go to the gym and get a crazy workout or watch YouTube videos and do an at home workout. I love to go on walks or bike rides with my friends or mom. I live right down from the park so we walk there. You can also go for a walk with your dogs! Depending on where you go/what you do, this can be completely free!

Shop my outfit: Bottoms. V-neck. Similar Jacket (mine is in ghost herringbone). Shoes are custom Nike Roshes.

**You can do any of these things at home or out of the house! You can watch a movie at home, make your own coffee, and get a facial done by a professional. These are just my personal favorite things to do!

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New York, New York






  I got to go see the new Broadway show “Something Rotten” and it was absolutely HILARIOUS! If anyone is in New York City soon and looking for a good broadway show, I highly suggest this!








13This weekend I was back in one of my favorite places, New York City! My senior class went there for our trip and got to see all of the “tourist attractions.” This was my second time in New York and I got to see different things that I hadn’t seen the previous time. Throughout the trip we got to go to the Top of The Rock, explore Ellis Island, go into the Statue of Liberty, see a Broadway show, shop in Times Square, visit Little Italy & China Town, see the Imagine area in Central Park, and experience Church with thousands of others at Saint Patricks Cathedral. It was a great time and I am so happy I got to enjoy it with my fellow classmates.. even though we spent countless hours traveling on the bus too close together.

Shop my outfit: Black Jeans. Similar Shirt. Similar Camo Coat (mines from Express but I can’t find it anywhere). Purse, Similar Purse. My Necklace, Higher-end Necklace. Converse. My Phone Case. White Nail Polish– “Sure Thing”. Sunglasses. Similar Watch.

Gold Accents

 For todays casual look I just threw on some distressed jeans with a simple t-shirt. To dress it up a bit I added gold accents in my purse, jewelry, and even in my shoes! I wore this to go out to lunch with my friends and I was super comfortable!

Shop my outfit: Jeans. Top. Gold Sandals. (almost exact) Purse, Purse Option Two. Similar Watch. Sunglasses. Spike Bracelet. Similar Coach Rings.

Hammer Pants

My dad calls me M.C. Hammer whenever I wear these pants so hence the title. I wore this outfit when my whole family went out to dinner at Shaggy’s Beach Bar & Grill. The weather was beautiful so we got to sit outside right along the beach! This day I got a tad bit sunburnt… so please ignore that 😉

This is Kyle. He is my little brother and now my little photographer. Like how he’s holding my purse? Thank you Kyle!

 Shop my outfit: Similar Pants. Tank top. (almost exact) Sandals. (almost exact) Purse. Similar Watch. Sunglasses. Necklace. Earrings. Similar Bracelet.

New Orleans Street Style

It was 80 degrees and extremely humid, so I had to cool down with a slush!

It was 80 degrees and extremely humid, so I had to cool down with a slush!

While on vacation in Mississippi, my family decided to drive over to Louisiana so we could spend a day exploring New Orleans. This was my third time being in the town and I loved it just as much as the first time! I am wearing a look that is pretty popular right now, I obviously jumped on the bandwagon!

Shop my outfit: Striped ShirtBlack JeansWhite Converse. Similar JacketNecklace. My (almost exact) Purse, Purse Option Two. Similar WatchSpike Bracelet. Chain Link Bracelet. Sunglasses. Similar Coach Rings. (almost exact) Midi Ring.